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If you use NCG7.0hd, please cite:

Comparative assessment of genes driving cancer and somatic evolution in non-cancer tissues: an update of the Network of Cancer Genes (NCG) resource.

Dressler L., Bortolomeazzi M., Keddar M.R., Misetic H., Sartini G., Acha-Sagredo A., Montorsi L., Wijewardhane N., Repana D., Nulsen J., Goldman J., Pollit M., Davis P., Strange A., Ambrose K. and Ciccarelli F.D.

If you use TIME drivers, please cite:

Mechanistic insights into the interactions between cancer drivers and tumour immune microenvironment

Misetic H., Keddar M.R., Jeannon J.P. and Ciccarelli F.D.

Other useful citations

The Network of Cancer Genes (NCG): a comprehensive catalogue of known and candidate cancer genes from cancer sequencing screens.

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NCG 5.0: updates of a manually curated repository of cancer genes and associated properties from cancer mutational screenings

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NCG 4.0: the network of cancer genes in the era of massive mutational screenings of cancer genomes

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Network of Cancer Genes (NCG 3.0): integration and analysis of genetic and network properties of cancer genes

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Modification of gene duplicability during the evolution of protein interaction network

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Low duplicability and network fragility of cancer genes

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